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Hello world, welcome to the Golem.

Hello world, welcome to the Golem.

Hello! We're pleased to welcome you to Golem Games, a new shop for sought-after collectibles!

Our mission at Golem is simple. We want to bring you the highest quality, sought-after collectibles at affordable prices, with rapid and reliable shipping. With our online store, we make it easy to get collectibles by offering a huge number of payment options, including a number of leading cryptos. We also provide a warm and inviting in-store play experience at our North Miami Beach HQ. We do all this with a reverence and appreciation of just how difficult it is to recapture the magical gaming experiences of our childhoods.

We hope you enjoy browsing our high quality collectibles. In the near future, we plan to add marketplace functionality so you too can sell your collectibles with a wide array of payment and shipping options. Please don't hesitate to contact us at or 786-831-1646 if you need any assistance.

All the best,
Sim Ben-Kahat


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