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A Collector's guide to Buying & Selling Video Games

A Collector's guide to Buying & Selling Video Games

With the increase in demand on retro games & consoles such as SNES or Nintendo 64, nostalgia can be a big playing factor for many but there are many ways to collecting and reselling your favorite video games. Getting a fair price on your collection is always a main goal at hand, whether or not you’re in a rush to sell is up to you. There are a few ways to check the pricing on your video games to make sure you are getting a good price when purchasing or your money’s worth when selling. It also does not hurt to compare prices based on collector’s shops which many local shops are also established online.

How to price collectible video games for resale or purchasing.

There can be quite a few factors affecting an item’s price. Prices will need to be based on the inherent collectibility of each game and what the market is willing to pay. There is no 100% guarantee that your items will sell for what you paid. or are both popular websites to check the pricing on used video games for any condition. 

While it compares prices on past Ebay sales which is always looked for as a place to sell items for an affordable price, a simple search through many collectible shops will show various pricing in comparison to PriceCharting so it doesn’t hurt to check auction prices to collector’s sites as they may value games more realistically than a collective pricing based on sales data. 

Where to find good deals on collectible video games

Sniping ebay auctions can only get you so far these days, and most of the time you will not find the greatest deal. If you really want to get creative, go to a local garage sale or even a store that is collector owned. You may be surprised at the selection & deals available since many collectors have been doing this for decades and know the market inside out. Also bulk sale lots should never be overlooked &let’s not forget Goodwill & their website GoodWill Auctions. if you have any tips we’d enjoy to hear them so everyone can be on top of their game when buying & selling.

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