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Keyforge Dark Tidings 2-Player Starter Set | New

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Each Dark Tidings Two-Player Starter Set includes two ready-to-play 36-card decks, joining three of the diverse Houses of the Crucible—each featuring their own mix of cards and unique from every other Archon Deck in existence.

Players will also find all tokens needed for two players to start playing KeyForge!

Product Details

  • The fifth set of Archon Decks for KeyForge with over 250 all-new cards.
  • Includes all the tokens and components a single player needs to start playing KeyForge.
  • A brand-new House—the Unfathomable—bursts on the scene, uniting the mysterious Aquans with toothy horrors from deep beneath the Crucible’s oceans.
  • Every House uses the shifting tides with the introduction of a new Tide Card, marking high tide and low tide, that is included in every deck.
  • Contents: 2 Archon Decks, 6 Key Tokens, 22 Æmber Tokens, 22 Damage Tokens, 2 Chain Tokens, 2 Chain Tracker Tokens, 44 Status Counters, 1 Quickstart Guide, 2 Poster Playmats.
  • 2 Players
  • Age: 14+
  • Average game time: 45+ minutes

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